Here comes Apple's AI smartphone | apple ios 18 features

Here comes Apple's AI smartphone | apple ios 18 features |  ios 18 update |

Here comes Apple's AI smartphone

Any kind of product will have to leave the tech world if we don't accept and move forward with new technologies when they come to the market.

That's why Apple has made such a move, if Apple's mobile phones can work with the help of artificial intelligence, it will be a good advancement these days.

Apple is said to have held talks with artificial intelligence pioneer Open AI, but neither company has released details regarding the AI acquisition.

Apple's new operating system, iOS 18, is said to bring this technology.

There are also indications that Apple has held talks with parent company Alphabet that have fallen through, but talks have not been completely ruled out.

The Worldwide Developers Conference is taking place this coming June, and Blueberg reports that Apple is likely to mention AI at the conference.


Photos app is also likely to receive Galaxy AI-like capabilities.

remove/add a background using generative AI

AI-backed video editing features

The Apple Music app is also said to have AI capability
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